Who is the Goddess of Liberty?

The Goddess of LibertyThe Goddess of Liberty is spokesman for the Karmic Board and representative of the second ray on that Board. She is the hierarch of the Temple of the Sun, her etheric retreat over the island of Manhattan, New York. The Goddess of Liberty was embodied on Atlantis. She was also embodied as a member of the Amazonian Race, a people of great stature whose women ruled an ancient civilization where the Amazon Basin now is. So great was her momentum of dedication to the Spirit of Liberty embodied in the threefold flame of the heart, that after her ascension, this lady master was called upon to bear the title of Goddess of Liberty, denoting her office in Hierarchy as the authority for the cosmic consciousness of liberty to the earth.

The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays, focusing the power of the Elohim and their implementation of the seven rays in form, in Matter, the mother aspect of Divinity. Her crown is also a focus of the seven rays anchored in the forehead of every son and daughter of God.

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Adapted from The Masters and Their Retreats