Who is Chananda?

ChanandaChananda is the chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood and hierarch of the Cave of Light—a focus of Light in the Himalayas. The Palace of Light, which is adjacent to the Cave of Light, is the home of Chananda. He was a scholar on Mu and lived in the city of seven hills where San Francisco presently is located. He was also embodied at the time of Jesus and knew the Master of Judea.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet described him during the Harpstrings of Lemuria conference in 1979:
"He is a very familiar and personable master... He wears white and a white turban with a jewel in front—very tall, majestic."
Harpstrings of Lemuria conference audio album,
December 29, 1979

Chananda has said about his appearance: "I think that those of you who have some concept of my physical appearance will be interested to know that some have thought of me as somewhat 'moon-faced.' This is understandable if you will consider the negative aspects of the moon, which but reflects the light of the sun, whereas I AM one of the sons of heaven dedicated to mankind’s spiritual unfoldment."
Unpublished, December 31, 1963

Chananda is particularly concerned with the problems of racial and religious divisions between people and with the future of India. He outlines the path of peace as the way of overcoming:
"India was won through nonviolence. We shun violence and exude the peace of the Buddha, which is the all-power of God. But we would have our chelas understand that when you depend upon the peace of the Buddha as the ultimate power, then it would be well for you to study assiduously the terms of that peace. For you must make peace with your God if you expect your God to provide that power in the hour when peace is challenged by absolute war….

"I know whereof I speak. I remember in a previous incarnation as the battle raged all around me and I stood holding the balance in the midst of thousands and ten thousand. Blessed hearts, I stood in their midst holding the focus of the sacred fire. And do you know—they saw me not! I was not visible in the physical spectrum, though I was in physical embodiment. And thereby…by my unswerving allegiance to the light, which I owe to the Almighty and him alone—I was that pillar! I was that fire! And thus they could not continue the battle. And they retreated on both sides, leaving me standing alone in the midst of the plain of the battle itself."
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 24, No. 23, June 7, 1981

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